Over 15 years of UK Independant Underground Beats

A long time ago ….. The JVF Clique emerged from the depths of their sleepy little town in the heart of the middle bit of England.

Their notoriety started with an early morning set on pirate radio station, Mix FM. Mix FM Began in Leicestershire in early 1992 after the closure of Hardcore FM. The Clique joined the station in 1994 to introduce some drum & bass to its already busy schedule of underground music.  Mix FM presented a broad selection of underground DJ's broadcasting to the Midlands most weekends on 106.3 FM.  After broadcasting for the majority of the next 3 years, Mix FM relocated to Birmingham. 


Official MixFM Website: http://www.mix-FM.co.uk/ (Big up all those keeping it alive)

The JVF Clique remained heavily involved with the Mix FM Crew for the next five or so years, and acquired a hefty fan base over that course of time. Whilst the station cemented itself into the pirate radio history books.

Due to certain circumstances and individuals and maybe a little inevitability, all good things must come to an end and in 1999 the Clique helped create Real FM, which ran most weekends.  Originally in Birmingham, Real moved to Coventry in 2001 and broadcast on 94.2FM. Since Spring 2002 Real FM has been off the air… but could still return.


Since the closure of the radio stations, the digital revolution arrived and the Clique developed a more lyrical and more meaningful side to their music, and to this day remain dedicated to the artform.

A heavy JVF presence can be found across the internet as the Clique have and continue to release their gems, on–line, for all to enjoy.

The journey from mainly babbling freestyles to writing and producing entire tracks and albums has been hard work but well worth the effort. Here’s a brief history.

The Embryo EP

First Born EP

Submerged Language (Mixtape)

Alternative Income LP

The Bald Blend (mix)

The Bald EP

Founders of the Feast EP

As well as various mixtapes and guest appearances.


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JVF ‘til the day of death.


Respect to all those who have helped and supported the JVF Clique. 

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